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People of Lake Baikal
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Explanation of the local terms and geographical names at lake Baikal
What's this About:

Lake Baikal Information This is a reference site, representing quantitative and description data of many studies on different problems of Lake Baikal. A great deal of new quantitative materials required further understanding and systematization were obtained due to recent complex international and Russian studies carried out using different methods.

This collection of data on Lake Baikal, of course, is not a comprehensive generalization of all scientific problems regarding the Lake: such an issue would require efforts of a great scientific team. However the main parameters which are most popular among different groups visiting Lake Baikal are given on this site. This will let to fast understanding of numerous problems of Lake Baikal and everybody who is interested in studying the lake needs it.

Numerous scientific papers and, in particular, generalizing monographs, collected articles, conference books and atlases as well as numerous materials, theses of lectures, reference books - all that contains a great deal of figures on different problems of Lake Baikal were the primary source of information for this website.

The main informational resources and references used on BWW:
- Geographical Atlas of Lake Baikal. Irkutsk, 1995
- Baikal in Numbers (reference book). Irkutsk, 2001.
- Gurulev S.A. The Face of Baikal. Names. Irkutsk, 1993
- Gurulev S.A. The Face of Baikal. Water. Irkutsk, 1994
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- Materials of Limnological institute, Earth Crust institute, Geographical institute, Baikal Ecological museum, Siberian Brunch of Russian Academy of Science, Irkutsk Scientific Center.
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