This is about lake Baikal in Siberia - lake Baikal and Baikal region
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Explanation of the local terms and geographical names at lake Baikal
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Lake Baikal Info
This is a reference site, representing quantitative and description data of many studies on different problems of Lake Baikal. A great deal of new quantitative materials required further understanding & systematization were  ...

Lake Baikal Info
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Lake Baikal in numbers Baikal in Numbers:
Physical and geographical data. All about its location, length, width, depth, time of formation, altitude, area, volumes & levels, ...
Lake Baikal seals Baikal Seal - Nerpa:
The face of Baikal. It is still a mystery how nerpa appeared in the centre of the Asian continent ...
Detailed facts and research work by V. D. Pastukhov.
Lake Baikal wildlife Wildlife of lake Baikal:
Bears, deers, birds, predators, ...
Population dynamics. General information about inhabitants of lake Baikal and Eastern Siberia.
Pollution of lake Baikal Lake Baikal Pollution:
At particular risk are the Baikal seal and several species of endemic fish found no where else in the world, including the omul and the golomyanka.
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Water of Lake Baikal
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•  Temperature
•  Pressure
•  Depth
•  Currents
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Recreational Areas
•  Circumbaikal Railway
•  Peschanaya Bays
•  Olkhon Island
•  Chivirkuysky Gulf
•  Wooden Irkutsk
•  Trans-Siberian RW

People of Lake Baikal
•  People of Siberia
•  Buryat nation in Baikal
•  Russians in Baikal

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This is about lake Baikal in Siberia - lake Baikal and Baikal region